Debt Consolidation Loan-Redeeming Credit




 The repurchase of credit is a refinancing allowing you to merge several of your credits ( mortgage and consumer loan ) to have only one financial obligation and to lighten your debts. Thus, you group your monthly expenses and clearly visualize your debt ratio and your monthly payments.

The first advantage of such a restructuring is therefore the simplification: fewer documents, and a single contact for any request for assistance or any question. Our organization will be the only one able to withdraw your bank account for your credits, which facilitates exchanges.


Enjoy an Effective Solution


In addition, in this period of falling interest rates, it may be worthwhile to choose the buyback credit for officials to obtain a lower interest rate than your previous rates. A renegotiation takes time, and the multiplication of credits requires you to contact the organizations one by one, for a result that is not necessarily up to your expectations. Loan repurchase allows you to earn a single, lower rate for all of your credits whether you are employed as a contractor or holder.

The repurchase of official credit allows you to obtain an offer adapted to your needs, while taking into account your situation: whether you are alone or in a couple, with or without dependent children, and that you work in the administration, the territorial, a community or any institution of the public service ( firefighter , military , gendarme …), you benefit from a personalized offer closer to your condition.

In the same way as for a traditional employee loan, you also benefit from an insurance offer covering the risks related to indebtedness and the impossibility of reimbursing expenses. Insurance takes over in case of a financial accident and protects you if your situation deteriorates. As an official, such an offer is financially advantageous.


With Additional Cash Request

With Additional Cash Request

After a careful study of your loan consolidation file , a personalized offer will be given to you: turnkey, it gathers all the information necessary to achieve a grouping of loans official and clearly exposes the conditions and services related.

Once your agreement is given, you no longer have to worry about your previous credits: they are automatically grouped together in the new offer, and your new personal contact will give you the official documents. A simple process that requires little time and can save you a significant amount of money! Do not hesitate and consolidate your loans to say stop money problems and regain purchasing power.


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