How to Apply for Online Debt Loan Credit.


How to apply for credit online

How to apply for credit online


  • October 17, 2018
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You are looking for funding to carry out a project that is important to you, you need money to finance a new car because yours just broke down, you want to go on vacation a few days in an island paradise ? However you do not have enough money on your account to be able to carry out this operation with your own funds? Then find out everything you need to know about consumer credit, different types of credit, features and how to apply online.

The different types of consumer credit

The different types of consumer credit


When you go for a consumer credit, it will be important to choose a credit that will be adapted to your needs because depending on the project you want to achieve there will be a credit that will be specifically designed for this financing.

Auto credit

The car loan is an assigned credit that will serve as the name suggests to finance a new or used car, or a motorcycle and a camper. Its rate and conditions are very advantageous because if the sale is not made the contract will simply be canceled. This is a credit allocated because the funds are released only in exchange for a proof of use of credit such as a quote for example.

The work loan

The loan works is also an assigned loan that will only be used in your renovation, expansion or isolation work. There are also loans helped works which according to certain eligibility criteria will allow you to get very low rates.

The personal loan

The personal loan is a credit that will allow the holder to finance any project from 500 to 75000 euros without having to provide proof of use to his banker. You can for example finance holidays, medical expenses, the purchase of furniture, etc … Its rate will be higher than for a credit affected.

The revolving credit

Revolving credit is money in the form of a cash reserve that the borrower can draw on to deal with unforeseen circumstances. The capital for this kind of credit is between 500 and 6000 euros, and you will have no proof to provide your banker for your purchases. SOn rate is the highest consumer credit.

How to apply for credit online?

How to apply for credit online?



 To apply for credit online, it will go to the site of the bank you have chosen and use a credit simulator, it will allow you to choose the type of credit you want, the amount and duration the most optimal reimbursement. Be aware that the shorter the credit, the lower the total cost of credit. Then you will only have to make a request on the website of the bank by returning the amount you want and the repayment period and completing your profile. Thereafter you will receive a reply in principle from the bank, you will only have to return the completed file with the various supporting documents requested (proof of address, identity and income) and wait for a positive response.

We recommend you to make your choice , to use a comparator of organisms. For that nothing more simple, it will be enough to use a comparison tool of company of credit which you will find on line on the majority of the sites specialized in the credit and to complete the form with the type of credit which you wish, the amount and the duration, then you will receive the offers of about fifteen organizations and you will only have to choose the one that offers you the best rate.

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