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If you do not have the time to go to a traditional bank to carry out your operations, online banking is the solution. There is more and more online banking, of which Boursorama is among the best known. To help you, we will introduce you Boursorama, what are the advantages it offers and what are the disadvantages .

Presentation of Boursorama Online Banking

Presentation of Boursorama Online Banking


Boursorama is one of the most well known financial institutions in the world. It is a French company developed by the large Société Générale group. It is the French leader in online stock market information . It is also the most popular online bank. Boursorama is the cheapest online bank. You need a minimum of 10 € to open the account to get the bonus of 80 € and have an income of 1000 € per month to get the free classic bank card and 1 800 € per month for the main card. Boursorama’s activities can be classified into three categories:

  • Online banking


It offers a range of banking services including current and deposit accounts, savings accounts , home loans, credit cards , life insurance and other services such as online check payment, MoneyCenter and various mobile applications.

  • The dissemination of news and stock prices on the internet

The Boursorama site regularly publishes news articles relating to politics, but also and above all to the economy . As we can already see in the name of the bank, it also broadcasts the scholarship course.

  • Online brokerage

Online brokerage enables Boursorama’s clients to place orders for purchases and sales of securities on the financial markets .

You will learn more about Boursorama by clicking here .

Benefits offered by Boursorama

Benefits offered by Boursorama


The biggest advantage of having an online account at Boursorama is that it is the cheapest. Most services are free because it does not require the presence of a banker. You can do your own operations. Boursorama allows you to efficiently manage your cash flow. Internet banking solutions make it easy to control your accounts. You are notified when a payment has been made or is waiting for your agreement. The same applies to an entry of a sum to the credit of your account. In some cases, you can take advantage of discounted terms of payment. You can access yours anytime and anywhere . You can see your history or perform your operations even outside office hours. By providing fast and efficient Internet services, Boursorama allows you to reduce the time and resources spent managing multiple transactions. There is less paperwork and company staff can be used more efficiently .

The disadvantages of Boursorama

The disadvantages of Boursorama



Despite the many benefits that Boursorama can provide you, it has some negative points:

  • Absence of personal adviser 

Bank Boursorama is a bank only online , that is to say it does not have an agency. It has a customer service , but this service is not personal. No one but you will know the history of your accounts. If you call twice during the day, there is a good chance that it will no longer be the counselor with whom you spoke the first time that will answer you on the second call. So if you are not able to manage your account alone or if you are not familiar with electronics, it is better not to choose online banking.

  • No young booklet

The young booklet is a savings product for under 25s. Unfortunately, it no longer exists at Boursorama. This bank only offers savings for adults.

  • Life insurance contract more expensive

Most of the services offered by Boursorama are free. However, life insurance costs are higher.


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